Earlier on when people had only started realizing that they could conduct businesses online, the greatest concern when launching a website would be the bandwidth and disk storage size before deciding on the best web hosting provider. However, things have changed, and today, people have to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the domain hosting provider. They also have to be clear on the perks that are available before they decide on whether or not to choose a specific website host for their sites.

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On the same breath, various hosting providers are well suited to host various kinds of websites. This, therefore, means that you ought not to blindly choose a web hosting provider, but you need to take time to do this. There are common factors that you need to look for in a provider before you ultimately settle for their services. Here are just but a few tips to consider.

1.    A server’s reliability, security, and overall uptime rate

A site is likely to be pushed online by weak servers and poor network connections. When a site is offline, you are denied viewership, not to mention your inability to sell if you are operating an e-commerce shop. This also makes your site to rank low on search engines. Therefore, it’s wise to always go for a host who is reputable in terms of uptime; a good score needs to be 99.5% annually. Let it be trusted and secure to ensure your site’s data is safe all the time.

2.    Site backups

These days, there are numerous waves of cyber threats which are no longer targeting finance websites alone but all non-finance ones. Take the case of ransomware which when it attacks a site, it mostly leaves the site irreparable. Normally they destroy the site’s index.php file. They may also destroy the server or the local hard disk. Therefore, it is imperative that your domain hosting company offers regular site’s data backup.

3.     Customer support

You should ensure that before you hire a company for hosting, it should be both effective and speedy in providing solutions for technical problems in your site. If you happen to across one that guarantees live support throughout the day or night, then you are safe. It is also good to go with one that offers chat support and also is available on social media for easier communication. It is vital also to choose those with an in-house customer care support as they better understand the company operations than the outsourced ones.

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