Every year, there are thousands of new host providers trying to come into the profitable business of domain hosting. What they do not know however that this business is not a walk in the park, and they should brace themselves for challenges that are involved in the business. A study suggests that out of the huge number that gets into this number, only a few of them go beyond 3 months in business the rest get muzzled by the tides, along the way, never to rise again. However, if you are a budding host provider, here are just some of the few tips that will see your business survive beyond the 3 months.

1.    Know your experience level

It’s good to be clear on why you want to venture into this business. Understand whether you have vast experience in specificities of server management. With these answers in mind, you will determine your starting point. If you are good at servers, you can start with VPS or even a dedicated server, and start up your business from scratch. Go for the cPanel program if you are experienced in web hosting but cannot manage a server.

2.    Know your budget

Your service type depends on your budget. Most experienced managers of servers, VPS and dedicated servers sometimes invest as little as $30 a month. If you are serious about web hosting and capable of investing up to $15 a month, you can go for the cPanel reseller account. For those that have a tight budget or are unsure of the outcomes of their investment can better go for a free reseller hosting account.

3.    Understand how long you can go without a profit

When starting a domain hosting business, it is normally very challenging when starting out because sometimes you may spend several months before start realizing profits. Here we advise that you plan for the best while you prepare for the worst. Before choosing your plan, it is important first to figure out how long you will stay without making a profit. A server or a cPanel, the account is sure to bring you a stream of recurring expenditures every month. If you had not planned for this, you would notice that it is a real burden. However, for a free reseller hosting platform, you will not have to go through this, as free account holders are not financially obliged to the provider.

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